Project Overview
Yumm is a new pie shop that gives a modern twist to the fifties diner style. The new shop needed a name and brand that would convey its friendly, quirky attitude to the target audience of food lovers, ages 25–40.
I wanted a short name with a friendly and positive association that would quickly convey the shop’s tasty offerings. The name “Yumm” preserves the extra M from the word “yummy,” adding emphasis and uniqueness to the name. The logotype is hand-lettered with three different layers to reference the construction of an actual pie. Core Circus, a friendly font with modular layers, compliments the logo with great charm and whimsy, softening the brand. Aktiv Grotesk was chosen for body copy for a clean, readable look. The color palette of light pinks and yellows sweetens 
the brand to match the pie.
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