Planned parenthood
Project overview
Planned Parenthood, which has come under fire in the recent political climate, wanted to create a campaign to bolster the advocacy that makes the organization possible. The campaign needed to follow the Planned Parenthood usage guidelines closely to maintain cohesiveness and leverage the equity of the iconic brand. The target audience is  women who are well-informed women in their early twenties to mid thirties.
Using the current brand style, I designed a campaign focused on protesting and increasing political involvement. I created an app that helps busy women be more active in the political process by streamlining the act of protest. The app has functionality that allows the user to setup calls, emails and tweets over an extended time period. The app also sends push notifications and helps remind the busy activist that functions can be set up in advance and set for dispersion on a regular schedule.
Jessica's User Flow
After opening the app, Jessica is drawn to an article about Mike Pompeo. After reading the article and deciding to take action, she clicks the button to initiate a recorded call. She selects two senators and records an angry, but respectable message. After being prompted by the app, she sets up a recurring schedule to automatically resend the message every week.
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