Project Overview
Andaluz is a line of premium tile, created in a Zellij style. The geometric tiles, which are handcrafted by artisan workers, are a staple of Moroccan architecture. Andaluz needed a new brand and packaging system to deliver its tile with Moorish sophistication. The brand targets wholesale clients including high-end home showrooms and interior designers.
Taking inspiration from Middle Eastern calligraphy, I created a custom typeface with high stroke contrast and geometric forms that was used in the logotype and mark. The unique shape of the letterforms was also used to create patterns that I used throughout the brand. A neutral color palate of yellow, natural kraft, and navy allowed the color of the tile to shine. I used Filosofia as a main text typeface for its delicate refinement, paired with clean sans serifs for use in information-heavy areas. The packaging system uses special finishes such as die cutting and etching to deliver on the premium look.

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